Learn how to quickly integrate in3D scanning and avatars into your product with in3D SDK.
What is in3D : in3D is a True-To-Life avatar platform that can be integrated into apps, games and web.
With in3D you can scan your users into photorealistic 3D avatars in seconds using any mobile phone camera. Your user's avatars are then instantly available to integrate into any digital environment built with Unity, Unreal Engine 4, or Unreal Engine 5. in3D provides True-To-Life avatars, allowing developers to scan their users into photorealistic 3D avatars. in3D provides a platform to scan and integrate avatars into apps, games, or any digital environment that is built on Unity, Unreal Engine 4, or Unreal Engine 5.

How To Integrate in3D Avatars

in3D SDKs support all development environments, Unity, Unreal and Web. Intersted in getting access to in3D SDKs? Sign Up Now To Our Developers' Prorgam (Free Of Charge)

Supported Technologies

in3D Avatars can be enhanced with a wide variety of technologies for customization, animation and content creation
Good to know: in3D Developers Program is free to join. The avatars are for non-commercial use, if you intend to make commercial register to our developers program here to recive commercial-use license.