Which app to use to scan myself into an avatar?

in3D scanning technology is available across multiple apps, available both on iOS and Android. ​Download in3D Pro - Apple iOS Download in3D: Avatar Creator & Animator - Android​

Is the Avatar importer free?

Yes. You can import your avatars without any additional cost, for non-commercial purposes. For commercial purposes, you do need to sign up for our developers program Start importing Avatars with our SDK​

Can I create avatars / Scan people from my Unity Environment?

Yes. We do offer a full end-to-end solution where you can implement the avatar scanner and importer into your app. Interested in implementing the scanner into your unity app? Please apply here ​

To what formats I can export the avatars?

.FBX, .USDZ, .GLB formats are supported.

Do the avatars have rig/skeleton ?

Yes. The avatars come with a rig that is compatible with Mixamo. In the Character Creator 3 pipeline, the avatars come with rig and blendshapes that are compatible with Character Creator 3 avatars.