Get Started With in3D Avatars

You can use in3D to add avatars to your game, app or website. This guide gives a general overview of the methods to add avatars (and the scanning) to your product.
We offer two ways to integrate avatars: 1) Avatar Importer Avatar importer is the easiest way to import avatars that were created in in3D app (iOS, Android) into a 3rd party application. Every app user has an access key that they can share with the app. Your app can use the access key to connect to in3D api and fetch avatars created by the user. The avatar importer SDK is free for non-commercial use. 2) Avatar Scanner This is a full end-to-end solution that allows you to embed the scanning into your app. You have full control over the user authorization and the lifetime of the avatars. For the examples of integrations check out unspun and Lambada. Sign Up Now Now For Our Developers' Program (Free Of Charge)