Importer SDK for UE 4/5

In the following guide you will learn how setup in3D SDK package for unity to import in3D avatars into your Unreal Engine 4 or Unreal Engine 5 enviroment

Download and Install The SDK Package

The SDK contains both the source code that can be integrated into your unreal project as well as a demo build that can be opened from any PC.
After downloading the SDK, extract the file called "Source" into your unreal project library from the file explorer.
After extracting open the project and approving all the needed updates, once the packages are finished updating the project will automatically launch with the new SDK plugin.
To import the avatars we will need to obtain the access key of the user from the app. In this example, we will use in3D: Avatar creator Pro.
The avatars will be imported in Runtime, but they can be easily copied and pasted into your non-Runtime environment by copying and pasting the "BP_AvatarActor".
For basic installation guide and samples on how to use our SDK to import avatars check the following video :