Importer SDK for Unity

In the following guide, you will learn how setup in3D SDK package for unity to import in3D avatars into your unity environment.

Download and Install The SDK Package

You can download the latest version of the Unity SDK Importer on our Unity Asset Store page at this Link For all versions of our SDK, please check our Unity SDK repository.
On our Unity Asset Store page click on "Add to My Assets" to add the SDK. Following this, open your unity project, open window -> package manager, and search for in3D. Within the in3D Avatar importer SDK click on update and import.
in3D Unity SDK importer in the Package Manager
After importing the SDK, a readme pop-up will appear with more information on how to work with our SDK. You can start working with sample scenes that are located inside the com.in3d.sdk.loaders Libary (Under Samples -> Scenes ) Alternatively, you can use the com.in3d.sdk.import that contains the code and has no dependencies. For basic installation guide and samples how to use our SDK tp import avatars check the following video :
in3D SDK importer Video Guide