Scanner SDK for Unity

In the following guide, you will learn how setup in3D SDK package for unity to both scan and import in3D avatars into your unity app.

Download and Install The SDK Package

In order to use the Unity SDK Scanner and importer make sure you've signed up to our developers' program. Sign Up For in3D Developers' Program Here We will respond with the pricing. Once you've successfully onboarded you will receive the following: 1) Vendor ID - This is your "Username" for in3D SDK 2) Token - This is your "Password" 3) Sample Project with in3D SDK Scanner And Importer Both Vendor ID and Token are needed to connect with the SDK to in3D server in order to scan, process the scans into avatars, and finally- receive back the avatars into your app

Getting Started

2) Download the sample project with the SDK from the onboarding Email 3) Import the in3D packages from Assets from the sample project folder via Assets -> Import Packages -> Custom Package 4) Insert your Vendor ID and Access token by opening in your project library Assets -> Scripts -> Settings -> in3dScanServerConfig

Learn How to Install In3D Scanner in this video guide: